rey Hernandez reported on the progress of the Coats for Kids Campaing. We have collected so far 66 coats, and we need more. With the cold days, these donations are very important. Thanks to all for your generosity.
As you will see below, we put all these to good use.
Glenn Jones, our Coats for kids Chairman responds to Cindy Hernandez:
What a very touching story. Thank you for sharing that with us.  We are very blessed to have so many good people in our community who seek to help others, many of whom just happen to be Rotarians.  I will remember in my prayers all the children we helped this year, and in particular I will remember that little girl's excitement when she received her warm coat.  I cannot express to you how much that story moved me. 
On behalf of the Kingsville Noon Rotary Club, and that handsome guy who delivers the warmth of our kindness, you are very welcome.  And we at Noon Rotary thank you, Cindy, for providing us the opportunity to serve something very important, the children of this community. 
Warmest regards,

From: Hernandez, Cynthia H (MEM - Family Involvement) []
Sent: Friday, November 22, 2013 3:46 PM
To: Jones, Glenn R CIV NAVFAC SE
Subject: Coats
Mr. Jones,
Let me begin by saying that we cannot thank you and the Kingsville Noon Rotary Club enough for the support you have given and continue to give to the KISD needy students and to the Title I Parental Involvement Program that services these beautiful children!
This school year, we have received 70 coats from your organization which has been so helpful in especially this first "cold" day!
Just today, one parental liaison shared a story through her tears about a little girl at an elementary campus who was so excited that she had a new coat.she didn't care that she had picked a male coat. (She had just chosen one quickly and was so happy to receive one!) Of course, she was given a nice girls coat, thanks to you all. 
(Perez elementary alone had a list of almost 20 students who were needing coats, and we have 7 campuses to assist, so any further assistance is always welcomed)
I continue to share with the administrators and staff that we are very lucky indeed to have such wonderful organizations such as yours supporting our programs, and our children.
I am attaching a picture of some handsome guy you sent to represent your club, along with myself and with our Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.
God Bless,
Cynthia (Cindy)H. Hernandez   
Facilitator, Title I Parental Involvement Kingsville Independent School District Memorial Middle School
361-595-5771 Ext 31
"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  One is roots.  The other is wings."  ~Hodding Carter, Jr.