This week Together for Peace presents Fergal McCarthy.

Fergal is the Peace Programs Manager at Rotary International. One of his key responsibilities is the creation and continued implementation of an overarching peace strategy for the many peace activities within Rotary.  Join us on a discussion on working for peace with Fergal McCarthy after a life in conflict zones such as the Northern Ireland and Palestine-Isreal.  Learn more about Fergal:  Here.

Watch this Friday on Facebook Live:  Here.

Before joining Rotary, Fergal worked at the Rand Corporation in Los Angeles, California, managing development and peacebuilding research projects in Rands Labor & Population Unit and Health Unit. Prior to moving to the US, Fergal was the Executive Office on the EU & International Affairs Desk in the Irish Prime Minister’s Office, Dublin, Ireland. Fergal also has a background in media and communications, having produced documentaries that focused on peacebuilding and development projects in Brazil, Malawi, South Sudan, India, and Pakistan. He has also produced a number of programs that focused on the Northern Ireland conflict and British-Irish relations today.

Fergal holds a BA in World Religions & Theology and an MPhil in International Peace Studies both from Trinity College Dublin. He also holds an MA in Comparative Ethnic Conflict Studies from Queens University Belfast and an MSt in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.