Richard Hartwig came back from his trip to Mexico with an interesting story and some pictures of our activities in support of the Students.
 Richard Hartwig (Kingsville Rotary Club), Susan Moreira (Dar y Servir Scholarship program) and Gerardo Molina (San Nicolas Rotary Club, Monterrey, Mexico) in Dr. Molina's office
Dar y Servir scholarship student Carolina Saucedo Amaya.  Carolina's entire education has been supported by Dar y Servir.
She is now a graduate student at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in Monterrey, Mexico--and working half-time. 
Richard Hartwig of the Kingsville Rotary Club exchanging banners with Gerardo Molina of the San Nicolas Rotary Club in Monterrey, Mexico, 11/30/13.  Richard Hartwig and Tati Duke, of Dar y Servir, interviewing a prospective scholarship student in Colonia Independencia, Monterrey, Mexico,  11/30/13.