We are so excited to present the Together for Peace Two-Part Season Finale.

These episodes will demonstrate the dichotomy of peace and conflict and the power of kindness from one individual to change someone's life forever. 

Our two-part special will feature award-winning Iraqi Filmmaker and writer, Waleed Nesyif and Development Officer, Wendy Mitchell. Waleed will share talk about his recent BBC documentary series, Once Upon a Time in Iraq, where he shares his journey growing up in conflict during the Iraq-Iran war and migrating to Canada. Alongside Waleed, Wendy will help tell the second part of the story about how their unlikely friendship helped kickstart Waleed's path to becoming an award-winning filmmaker. 

Waleed and Wendy's incredible story will remind you that the power to build peace is within us all. 

Learn more about this speaker and the lecture series:  Here.

Waleed is an award-winning Iraqi Filmmaker and a writer.  Born and raised in Baghdad, Waleed had the fortune and misfortune to learn about his country in various stages and through different shades of grey.  Most recently, Waleed was featured in the BBC documentary series Once Upon a Time in Iraq where Waleed tells his journey growing up in conflict and migrating to Canada where he now lives.