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This week, Together for Peace presents Mateja Rot.

Mateja Rot is the CEO and Founder of City Says in Slovenia, an organization that creates innovative community-based urban solutions through the exploration of social innovation with architecture, art, technology, and design. City Says builds sustainable approaches to architecture and design, focusing on the revitalization of abandoned and neglected public spaces in the city. 

Mateja Rot is an urban innovator and multidisciplinary cultural operator, contributing to open future commons, building powerful smart solutions for urban communities, improving the livelihood of urban spaces. Her mission is to inspire global citizens and communities and empower them to take action by provoking new developments through creative interventions in public spaces.  

Mateja Rot was selected for MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Brisbane 2017, studied Advanced Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and established a collaboration with Stanford Research Institute and GSB Behavioral Lab. She is Rotary Peace Fellow and she completed a Professional development certificate in Peacebuilding and conflict resolution at  Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand in 2018. She is a Professional Fellow of Tech innovation & entrepreneurship program 2018, run by the U.S. Department of State and  WorldChicago. 

Don't miss next week's living room conversation where Mateja discusses the importance of urban development and design when rethinking more peaceful, functional cities for all.