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This week Together for Peace presents Rhett Sangster.

Rhett is the Director of Reconciliation and Community Partnerships at the Office of the Treaty Commissioner in Saskatchewan, Canada. This office works to facilitate a bilateral process to discuss treaty and jurisdictional issues between Saskatchewan First Nations and the government of Canada. Rhett works in coordinating efforts to engage both the public and community leaders on the nature of reconciliation in Saskatchewan.

Rhett is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a B.A. in Political Studies. He moved to Ottawa in 2000 to become a Foreign Service Officer and has spent the majority of his career working on issues of international conflict and peacebuilding. He spent three years posted as a diplomat in Turkey, led a successful effort to improve dialogue and cooperation between Afghan and Pakistani border officials, and coordinated Canadian international policy on mediation, peace processes, and the effects of war on women and girls. In 2012, Rhett became a Rotary Peace Fellow at the UNC/Duke Peace Center with a Masters in International Development and Policy. His thesis focused on conflict prevention and reconciliation in Saskatchewan.

Don't miss this wonderful episode where Rhett describes his bountiful experiences of justice, peace, and reconciliation around the world and how he takes these lessons back home to Saskatchewan, Canada.