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This week Together for Peace presents Jeremy Lucas.

Jeremy Lucas is an attorney, non-profit executive, and advocate for the under-represented. His passionate commitment to building a peaceful and just world is guided by his experience as a collaborative leader, public speaker, and international program developer. Jeremy was an Attorney and Nonprofit Lobbyist who elevated workers' rights, personal civil, and criminal representation.

Jeremy is an expert on philanthropy, international development, and peace. He has provided pro-bono legal assistance, drafted legislation to protect humans and animals from violence, and co-authored international non-violence training programs. His outreach has served communities in Israel, Palestine, Namibia, and the United States.

On top of his professional career, Jeremy has volunteered for to serve on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including the Episcopal Diocese of Oregon, Youth Department, Greater Birmingham Humane Society, Creating a Culture of Peace, and the Fellowship of Reconciliation Nonviolence Training Program (just to name a few).

On the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attack at the World Trade Center in New York, Jeremy will be sharing his experience as a relief worker at Ground Zero.